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About Plan Bee

At Plan Bee no task is too big or too small. I have flexible timing and pricing plans to accommodate your business needs and determine what works best for YOU.

Whether you need someone to assist with roles ranging from Office Management to finance and bookkeeping; event coordination and project assistance to HR and everything else in between I can help! Get in touch to discuss how Plan Bee can help YOUR business succeed!

About Me


A South African, who flew the nest of Cape Town and plunged into the deep unknown at the early development stage of 19 years old. Maturing my adult life in the UK and gaining dual nationality along the way, now I call London my home. Working in various industries over the years, from corporate, hospitality and clinical to smaller private digital, media, entertainment companies and start-ups, my skills and abilities have broadened and diversified to the adaptable strength it is today.

My experience may intuitively aid me to suggest new ideas in order to streamline YOUR processes, supporting YOUR strategic growth and helping YOU to focus on YOUR optimal business development. It also helps that I'm thoughtful, diligent and loyal. A natural multi-tasker, I have the patience to understand your business needs and requirements, committing whole-heartedly with thorough attention to detail.

By nature, I'm a very positive and friendly person where there is no impossible task. I'm organised, competitive and I love liaising with people and teams to create stimulating and enjoyable working relationships.
When I'm not taking care of business, I dive into any sport or fitness fun where the competitive edge extends.

Working for smaller companies and start-ups, I was able to pick up extra duties and tasks over time. I would grow my role in a diverse enough way that was stimulating enough for me to be busy in different things everyday, from finances to event coordination, I enjoy it all!

But don't take just my word for it, do read up some of my reviews if you wish to hear more



Tim Harvey

Managing Partner at Round Room Studios and Principal Partner for Pathfinder Live

Sharon has been both a dynamic and super-reliable member of our team since the early inception of Round Room Studios. Unflappable, trustworthy, thoughtful and diligent. 10/10!


Liam Snelling

Proud to look after an awesome team who solve problems facing people & the planet with digital technology.

Sharon is a gem and will be an asset to any organisation luckily enough to hire in in the future. She's full of enthusiasm for the job at hand, and her personality and all-round commitment to her work is infectious. She's great at building relationships, looking after teams and motivating her colleagues with her fun but hard-working attitude.

Sharon was our office manager through a period of growth and by the time she moved on was performing three roles for us. She kept the office looking awesome and was always ready to greet our clients with her smile and friendly manner. She looked after our finances and did an awesome job of running a tight ship and ensuring costs were well managed and approved at the right times. And finally she looked after our team through the good times and bad, being a great friend, mentor and gym buddy to everyone in the company.

Sharon works really hard to deliver success and is super organised with her work. She delivers on time and often goes above and beyond what is required. She's an excellent communicator and can be relied upon in all circumstances. She was instrumental in helping us develop our company culture and we were very sad to see her leave DD.

I'd highly recommend working with Sharon and if you do, please look after her. She's a star.


Joseph Bikart

Communication Advisor, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker and Author of “The Art of Decision Making”

Sharon is a real professional, with strong work ethics and a focus on getting things done. She combines this drive for efficiency with a great spirit and sense of humour. I would strongly recommend Sharon to any future employer.


Jerome Oliver

Global Support Manager at Lineup Systems Ltd

Having worked with Sharon in a previous role, I can highly recommend her as a motivated, enthusiastic individual who really takes teamwork to the next level.

In the two years we worked together, I saw her not only excel at the core elements of her job, but also learn other tasks that extended well beyond the original scope given to her.

This rare mix of likeability, productivity and ambition sets a great example for the rest of the team, and explains why everyone loves working with Sharon, no matter where they fall on the org chart.

I certainly miss working with her. I have only optimistic predictions for her career trajectory.

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+44 (0)7515 724 232

Contact me to discuss your business needs. Whether you require assistance by the day, half day or hour, it's about making it work for YOU